Tuesday, 7 October 2008

Healthy Image?


Ok, ok, I know it's about having a healthier image.. but if you ask me this is a pretty pointless rebranding exercise.

What message do you get from this?

A) They don't do pizza anymore.
B) They couldn't afford a new logo.
C) They have gone all classy and are aiming at a new demographic.
D) Nothing at all has changed.
E) They were ashamed of their unhealthy stuffed crust and fatty pizza image and this is a way to ditch that without changing the menu.

I don't know quite what they are thinking, but they join the stream of companies trying hard to lose their unhealthy image. If this is their objective I think they may have missed the barn door with this one. Time may prove me wrong, but this compromise to try to hang on to their brand awareness and change their image at the same time will leave them right where they started. Just like their logo.......... no significant change.

Gizoo releases their top 10 Christmas Gift list

All the online gadget and gift stores are scrambling to make sure that they have the most in demand products and gifts in plenty of stock for their busiest time of year.
What will be interesting is how much crossover there is between them and how similar the 'must have' gift lists are.

Gizoo are one of the first to give us their top 10 list

Alive Lion
Zero Gravity Micro
Retro Sweets
Polaroid Pogo
Flip Digital Video Camera
Chocolate Clock
Laser Challenge Pro
Instant Music Vinyl Ripper

We'll see how this compares to the lists from iWoot & Firebox soon