Monday, 6 October 2008

10 Robot Toys For Christmas

Here's a sample of the ever growing list of interactive toys on the market all of which should fly off the shelves this Christmas.

1) Pleo Robotic Dinosaur £199.99

2) Tomy I-Sobot £156.23

3)Meccano Spykee The Wi-Fi Spy Robot £194.99

4) Fisher-Price Elmo Live £58.99

5)WowWee Robotics Mini Wrex the Dawg £13.00

6) Kota the Triceratops £300.00

7) Fur Real Tumbles My Roll Over Pup £39.82

8) I Love Ponies - Honey My Baby Pony £64.99

9) Mini Tribot £13.00

10) Thumbs Up Gupi V3.0 Interactive Guinea Pig £31.96


Keef said...

Toys are so cool these days.. I worry about how long they last though!

SupErFluKe said...

Agreed Keef, but it's not in the manufacturers interest to make toys that last. Just long enough to impress all Johnny's little friends so that they persuade their mums to rush out and buy one, then they self destruct so Johnny needs a new one to stay cool.