Monday, 6 October 2008

Futurologist signing in!

What better way to start a blog about trends than with some trends on blogs.

According to a well known source on these matters these are the top ranking blogs visited from UK PC's in the last few weeks.

1) - A celebrity obsessed glossy blog mainly aimed at gossip merchants.
2) - Stupid pictures of cats with amusing captions.
3) - A video gamers blog focusing on previews and rumours.
4) - A blog dedicated to the latest innovations and gadgets.
5) - The Times Newspapers current affairs commentary.

I'm not one to question my reliable source but i have to say that list hasn't exactly tickled my imagination, then again lets not drink too much from the mainstream, it'll make us all sick. I'll try to find some more nourishing examples of popular blogs in the coming posts.

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